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BA-10 Padikovo 23.06.2020

Средний пушечный бронеавтомобиль БА-10 из коллекции Музея отечественной военной истории. Данный броневик относится к машинам раннего типа, на сегодняшний день их известно всего 2-3 штуки. Музейная машина на ходу, на сегодняшний момент это самый аутентичный БА-10 из сохранившихся.

BA-10 Walkaround - Soviet/Finnish WW2 Armored Car - Armoured Division 75th Anniversary

BA-10 armored car, originally used by the Soviet Red Army and after capture by Finland.

Finnish Armoured Division 75 years anniversary vehicle park - old and new Finnish army armored vehicles.
Panssaridivisioona 75 vuotta panssariparkkipaikka - Puolustusvoimien uutta ja vanhaa panssarikalustoa.

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Video/editing: Jukka O. Kauppinen
(C) Tankspotting / Mediapalvelut 2019

The BA-10 (Russian: Broneavtomobil 10) was an armored car developed in the Soviet Union in 1938 and produced till 1941. It was the most produced Soviet pre-1941 heavy armored car – 3311 were built in three versions. These versions were the BA-10, the BA-10M (improved version with new radio), and the BA-10ZhD (equipped for dual railway/road use). The basic BA-10 design was developed from the BA-3 and BA-6 heavy armored cars. It had an improved GAZ-AAA chassis and improved armor (up to 15mm at front and turret). It was intended that the BA-10 would be replaced in 1941 by the BA-11 with diesel engine and more sophisticated armor design, but the outbreak of war prevented BA-11 production. The BA-10 was in Red Army service until 1945. Significant numbers of captured BA-10s were used by Finland (at least 24), Germany and other Axis powers in Europe.

Mass 5.14 tonnes
Length 4.65 m
Width 2.00 m
Height 2.20 m
Crew 4
Armor 6–15 mm
Main armament 45 mm gun 20-K (49 rounds)
Secondary armament 2× 7.62 DT machine guns (2079 rounds).
Engine GAZ-MM 50 hp (37 kW)
Power/weight 10 hp/tonne
Suspension wheeled
Operational range 300 km
Speed 53 km/h

The Finnish Supreme headquarters ordered the foundation of an armoured division on 28 June 1942 and the actual foundation was on 30 June 1942. The division consisted of the newly formed Armoured Brigade and the old (1st) Jaeger Brigade. The Cavalry Brigade was also part of the division until January 1943. The division artillery consisted of the 14th Heavy Artillery Battalion. The division commander was Major General Ruben Lagus. During most of the war, the division was located at Petrozavodsk, but in the spring of 1944 it was moved to the Karelian Isthmus to form the reserve of the headquarters.
The Armoured Division fought in the crucial battles of 1944 and helped to contain the Soviet offensive.
The 75 years anniversary took place on 28.6. with parade, march past, inspection of troops and both modern and war time armored and motorized equipment parading past the audience and honored guests.

Panssaridivisioona 75 vuotta -tapahtuma on osa Hattulan kunnan ja Panssariprikaatin Suomi 100 -juhlallisuuksia Panssariprikaatissa Parolannummella 28.6.2017. Tapahtumassa on mukana myös kokonaisturvallisuuden juhlahanke NUKU RAUHASSA.
Panssariprikaati juhlii perinteisesti vuosipäiväänsä 28.6. Kyseisenä päivänä Äänislinnassa vuonna 1942 perustettiin Panssaridivisioona, jolla oli ratkaiseva rooli kesän 1944 torjuntataistelussa nykyaikaisimpana ja iskukykyisimpänä joukkonamme. Tästä joukosta sai alkunsa nykyinen Panssariprikaati.

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